Aastra 6751i IP Telephone

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Το Aastra 6751i είναι κομψό και έχει καλαίσθητο σχεδιασμό και 3 γραμμών LCD οθόνη. Είναι πλήρως διαλειτουργικό με κορυφαίες IP Τηλεφωνίας
πλατφόρμες, προσφέροντας προηγμένες δυνατότητες XML για πρόσβαση σε εφαρμογές και υποστήριξη για έως και 9 κλήσεις ταυτόχρονα. Το 6751i είναι ιδανικό για μικρές και μεγάλες επιχειρήσεις.


Feature Keys 1 call appearance, 4 navigational keys, 9 configurable speed-dial keys using number keypad, 2 volume control keys, 9 dedicated hard keys for most common call handling functions including: Goodbye, Services, Hold, Redial, Save, Delete, Swap, Speakerphone, Mute
Audio and Codecs Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset, Full-duplex quality speakerphone, G.711 μ-law / A-law, G.729, G.722 wideband1, Independent volume setting for handset/speaker/headset, Echo cancellation, Comfort noise, Packet loss concealment, Headset mode support (via handset jack), Voice quality metrics1

Display and Indicator
3 line adjustable LCD display, LED for call and message waiting indication
Security G.711 μ-User and administrator level passwords for login, Encryption of configuration files, HTTPS configuration download and web
management, Phone lock with PIN, Digest Authentication, Transport layer Security (TLS)2, Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP)2law/A-law, G.723.1, G.729ab
XML API Capabilities Display control based on user actions or on events, Dynamic Phone Configuration, RTP Streaming control, CTI applications, See XML API Documentation for more details
Localization Multi-lingual support – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
•• Downloadable language pack support for customization and additional language translations, Country-specific call progress tones and cadences, Latin1, Latin 2 Character set
Networking and Provisioning Dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports, Manual or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) IP address setup, Support of multiple DHCP options: 66, 60, 43, 77, 159, 160, Time and date synchronization using SNTP, Quality of Service (QOS) support – IEEE 802.1 p/Q VLAN and priority tagging, Type of Services (TOS), and Differentiated Services Code Point, Network Address Translation (NAT) support, Integrated HTTP/HTTPS server for web administration and maintenance including a built-in troubleshooting section, Mass deployment via central provisioning of user configuration files – TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Redundant server support •• DNS-SRV •• Local backup registrar and/or proxy server, RTCP support (RFC1889), RTP streaming for Paging and Intercom applications, STUN / TURN support, IEEE 802.1x protocol support, LLDP-MED support
Power AC adapter (48V DC) sold separately, Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support
Package Contents Aastra 6751i phone, Handset and coil cord, 2 x Footstand, Ethernet cable, Quick reference speedial label, Wall mounting kit, Installation Guide, (AC adapter sold separately)


** Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε το φυλλάδιο του προϊοντος από την παρακάτω ενότητα.


brochure.pdf (brochure.pdf, 149 Kb) [Λήψη]

installation_guide.pdf (installation_guide.pdf, 4,444 Kb) [Λήψη]

user_guide.pdf (user_guide.pdf, 11,211 Kb) [Λήψη]

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