Grandstream GUV3000 HD USB Headset

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Grandstream GUV3000 & GUV3005 are HD USB Headsets that pair with laptops, computers, IP phones & other devices to offer high-quality sound. Ideal for remote workers & busy environments, these USB headsets feature a noise cancellation microphone that minimizes background noise to provide crisp HD audio. The GUV3000 & GUV3005 provide all day comfort thanks to adjustable headbands & soft ear cushions while audio is easily adjusted using the in-line controls. GUV series headsets are compatible with any device that offers a USB connection, including laptops & Grandstream IP phones. They support all major third-party communication platforms, apps & softphones as well as Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Meetings & Wave app. By offering crystal-clear HD audio, comfortable use & wide compatibility, the GUV series is ideal for remote workers, call centers, receptionists, sales teams & more.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • HD Audio for crystal clear & easy communication
  • Noise canceling technology to minimize background noise
  • USB 2.0 connection provides flexibility to support any device with USB compatibility, including laptops, desktop computers & Grandstream IP Phones (GRP series IP phones, GXV series IP Video Phones, and soon GXP series IP phones)
  • Adjustable leather headband for all day comfort
  • Left or right wearing style
  • In-line controls offer quick & easy control of volume & mute
  • Compatible with all major third-party communication platforms, applications & softphones as well as Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Meetings & Wave app
  • 2 Year Warranty


Audio Style:
Wearing Style:
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Μείωση θορύβου (Noise Cancelling)


Grandstream GUV3000 Datasheet (Datasheet_GUV3000_GUV3005_English.pdf, 740 Kb) [Λήψη]

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